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At Architectural Spaces we create homes to be lived in, enjoyed and admired as they simultaneously surprise, enchant and impress. We are always inspired by our clients ideas and dreams which we use to grow and develop the initial concept into your perfect home design. We oversee all aspects of our interior and architectural designs and in this way we fulfill the design brief while exceeding expectation. Our work ranges from refurbishment to conversion to new building.

Our team cover all aspects of the design process from initial drawings through to the finishing details, this includes spatial planning, customized lighting design, interior furnishings, flooring, feature joinery and more. Over the years we have established creative collaborations with renowned crafts people, specialist designers and artisans whose talents we bring to your home in exquisite flooring, wall covering, furniture and unique bespoke designs. Our 23 years experience in the industry affords us an intuitive and imaginative perception of the home you desire and the talents and experience to make that a reality.

Residential Interior Architecture and Design
Spatial Planning
Spatial Planning
At Architectural Spaces our Spatial Planning process allows us to optimize, redefine or overhaul the function and style of a home in an imaginative way. We give careful consideration to how the space will be used and how to design, detail and furnish the area in an original and unique style. With the use of 2D and 3D CAD technology we build a virtual version of your design and through this we explore influencing design factors including spatial planning, sunlight, electrical, lighting and furniture layouts. With regards to an existing home we look at how the design works in relation to an already existing building or structure and can design accordingly. Our comprehensive CAD designs give our clients the opportunity to accurately visualize their new interiors and homes.
Electrical and Lighting
Our design team create lighting plans specific to each area of the home. We consider the ambient, functional and decorative character of the space and plan the lighting accordingly. Our designs incorporate the technical frameworks for smart homes, for which we work with the very latest technology from electric blinds, Audio Visual design details down to lighting systems and light fittings. Our electrical equipment and home entertainment system designs carefully balance mood and function with impressive style.
Feature Joinery
At Architectural Spaces we possess the specific skill set and visual instinct that is necessary to design any successful kitchen, bathroom, home office, library etc . We find the perfect balance between purpose and style by examining all functional and decorative components including storage, lighting and attention to detail. Our creative process incorporates bespoke design with an emphasis on comfort, practicality and individuality.
Furniture Design
In terms of the character of a room, furniture offers a very unique and personal insight. The bespoke furniture we design and commission is original to every project. It is built by skilled craftspeople who fully utilize the quality and inherent beauty of their materials. We can design original furniture for all areas of the home, including dining, kitchen, reception, bedroom and bathroom. We use furniture that expresses personality and style which we also locally source from established retailers.
An Interior Design scheme is never fully complete without the very latest and best in finishes and accessories. At Architectural Spaces we have sourced, collected and handpicked our exclusive library of wallpapers, rugs, fabrics upholstery and accessories. We also design bespoke rugs and carpets. All finishes are created to be a fundamental part of the design scheme, blending the best in materials and durability for both timeless and contemporary homes. Inspired by how the completed space will look and function; our practical experience and design knowledge makes selecting suitable finishes an easy choice. We work closely with our clients to choose the essential finishes that complete a home, defining the tone and personality of the interior space. To find out more please go to our Address Book.
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