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Creating Commercial Designs that are distinct, renowned and dynamic.
Our commercial designs are impressive, memorable and promote a positive experience for customers, staff and patrons. We design spaces for businesses that include working within established, refurbished or new buildings. From spatial planning to completion, working alone or within a design team with structural engineers, mechanical engineers etc; we adhere to all relevant regulations including Planning and Fire Cert. guidelines outlined for each project. We focus on the relationship between our client's vision and their business needs and provide spatial and design solutions that are practical, original, ambitious and promote the ethos and success of the business. We appreciate our clients time and allow them to decide how involved they wish to be in the project, this allows for a more productive and efficient client/designer collaboration.

We form creative partnerships with established artisans and specialist designers to create customized furniture, lighting, wallcoverings and joinery features which promote and emphasise the unique qualities and distinct character of the business. We spend a lot of time on-site and are directly involved in all stages of the design. Our years of experience and an intuitive understanding of how spaces work allows us to design new and inviting spaces. Through utilizing thoughtfully selected furnishings, lighting, bespoke features, detailing and finishes, the initial concept becomes a unique reality.

Commercial Interior Architecture and Design Dublin
Commercial Spatial Planning Dublin
Spatial Planning
Our Spatial Planning service is detailed and comprehensive and fundamental to the success of the refurbishment or new development, pre and post planning. Early involvement in the Spatial Planning stage allows us eliminate any problems that could arise in the future. At Architectural Spaces we utilize the latest 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design to help our clients visualize their ideas and spatial planning proposals.

Using the latest CAD technology, we explore and identify spatial options, having due regard for how the space will be used and how we can reimagine and optimize the area to it’s greatest potential.
Electrical and Lighting
Architectural Spaces create lighting and electrical plans specific to the needs of the individual business and to help create the atmosphere, mood and environment we wish your clients to experience. Our designs encompass everything from electrical, lighting, feature lighting, specification of feature fittings and Audio Visual layouts collaborating with specialists in these areas.
Feature Joinery
We design all joinery aspects within each project from bar and counter designs to feature bespoke joinery units, stairs, paneling, reception desks etc. These features are incorporated into the space to enhance the overall aesthetic and atmosphere all adding to the unique design of each project.
Furniture Design
At Architectural Spaces we commission and source furniture for commercial and business premises. We carefully select pieces that emanate character, individuality and quality. Bespoke and customized furniture design is also a service that we offer, engaging the talents and skills of renowned craftspeople. Whether we are designing for a hotel, reception area or other commercial space, the furniture design will embody comfort, style and the unique identity of the establishment.
We will guide you in choosing finishes from walls to flooring and select what best suits the space in terms of functionality and style. Carefully selected finishes are essential to the success of the overall interior design. At Architectural Spaces we have a unique and extensive library of furnishings and finishes, all from the very best and leading names in wall coverings, digital wallpaper, rugs, fabrics, upholstery and accessories. Window treatments; including curtains and blinds, are sourced from top designers. All fabrics, dressings and accessories are carefully selected to enhance and accentuate the mood and style of the interior, adding to the comfort and enjoyment of the finished space.

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